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Opportunity to Study in Norway without IELTS

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Opportunity to Study in Norway without IELTS taking the IELTS. One of the top nations in Europe that welcomes foreign students from across the globe to study there for free is Norway. All regional and international students may now apply for international scholarships in Norway without having to take the IELTS exam. Norway has made it easy for international graduates from all corners of the world to attend its public colleges for free. Norwegian or foreign students attending Norwegian universities are not required to pay tuition. In the past, Norway used to allow students of specific nationalities to get a free education. Now, any student from anywhere in the world is welcome to enrol at Norway’s public universities. We have gathered a complete list of information.

Being accepted into Norwegian colleges is not tough. Several Norwegian universities allow students to enrol without having to take the IELTS test. In other words, no English language examinations are required. In Norway, there are ways and situations to learn without taking the IELTS test. The necessity of submitting IELTS scores has a few exceptions.

Institutions in Norway provide a range of scholarships to students from across the world and the area who are studying bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degree programmes. Several European countries, like Norway, which is the most stunning of all, provide free language instruction without requiring you to take the IELTS test. For the Norwegian universities you’ve selected that don’t need IELTS, you must submit an electronic application. All public institutions in Norway now provide free public education.

Funded Scholarships

To get free education in Norway without taking the IELTS, the candidate must complete a few tasks. To assist with this, we’ve produced a list of Norway’s institutions that don’t charge tuition for local and international students. Norway is located in Europe, giving you fantastic free study abroad chances.

Is Education is free in Norway universities?

The good news is that all students, regardless of their place of birth, are not required to pay tuition at Norway’s public institutions. It is one of the few chances to get a separate degree at a reputable university without paying a dime. In addition to this, Norway has grown to be one of the most desirable nations in Europe for foreign students for a variety of reasons.

1. Find Out Tuition-Free Institutions In Norway

list of tuition-free institutions in Norway for regional and global students to help with this.

Tuition-Free institutions in Norway are:

  1. University of Tromsø (UiT) 
  2. University of Stavanger (UiS) 
  3. University of Oslo (UiO) 
  4. University of Agder (UiA) 
  5. The University Centre in Svalbard 
  6. Stord/Haugesund University College 
  7. Østfold University College 
  8. Oslo School of Architecture and Design 
  9. NTNU 
  10. Norwegian School of Sport Sciences 
  11. NLA University College 
  12. Narvik University College 
  13. Bergen Academy of Art & Design, Norway 
  14. Molde University College  
  15. MF Norwegian School of Theology 
  16. The Arctic University of Norway 
  17. BI Norwegian Business School 
  18. Bergen University College 
  19. University of Bergen 
  20. University of Nordland 

List of Top University Scholarships in Norway

Applicants can apply for scholarship opportunities from the following different organizations:

  1. University of Stavanger Scholarships 
  2. BI Norwegian Business School Scholarships 
  3. NTNU Scholarships 
  4. University of Oslo Scholarships 
  5. Nord University Postdoctoral Fellowship 
  6. Oslo Metropolitan University Scholarships 
  7. Norwegian University of Life Sciences 
  8. NORAM Scholarship 
  9. Lakselaget Foundation Scholarship 
  10. Leiv Eriksson mobility program 
  11. Sons of Norway Student Residence Permit 
  12. Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarships 
  13. University of Bergen 
  14. Norwegian- Russian Scholarship Scheme 
  15. University of Oslo 
  16. Erasmus+ Program 
  17. High North Fellowship Program 


How To Get Exempted From Submitting Of IELTS / TOEFL Scores

There is no need for language tests like the TOEFL or IELTS if the preceding (last degree) level of academic performance was taught at an English-preparatory institution or college.

The IELTS test is not required for those who have completed their preceding studies at an English-language university.

2. Take An Online English Proficiency Test Or Participate In A Video Interview

Numerous organisations could do an online video interview or electronic Q&A session. When your application for admission to the university has been accepted, you will be expected to take part in an electronic interview with the university.

Your ability to speak English will be evaluated throughout the interview. You must do well in this interview if you don’t want to take the IELTS and want to enrol in a Norwegian university.

How to Study in Norway Without IELTS

Without taking the IELTS exam, students who have completed one of the secondary school exams mentioned below and whose curriculum contains appropriate English are eligible to enrol in courses in Norway.

The Gambia

  1. General Certificate of Education O-level
  2. West African Examinations Council Certificate of Senior School
  3. General Certificate of Education A-level


  1. General Certificate of Education O-level
  2. Botswana Secondary Education (IUA) General Certificate
  3. General Certificate of Education A-level
  4. Cambridge Overseas School Certificate

Cameroon (English speaking part)

  1. General Certificate of Education A-level
  2. General Certificate of Education O-level


  1. West African Senior School Certificate
  2. Senior Secondary School Certificate
  3. West African Examinations Council General Education of O-level Certificate
  4. West African Examinations Council General Education of A-level Certificate


  1. Malawi School Certificate of Education


  1. Kenya Certificate of Education,
  2. Secondary Education Certificate of Kenya (from 1989)
  3. Certificate of Kenya Advanced Education (up till 1989)


  1. Senior School Certificate (from 1988)
  2. General Certificate of Education A-level
  3. General Certificate of Education O-level
  4. West African Examinations Council
  5. West African Senior School Certification (from 1999)

Eswatini, Swaziland

  1. Cambridge Overseas School Certificate,
  2. General Certificate of Education O-level

Sierra Leone

  1. Senior School Certificate (from 2000),
  2. General Certificate of Education O-level,
  3. West African Examinations Council
  4. Cambridge Overseas School Certificate O-level,
  5. General Certificate of Education A-level

South Africa

  1. Matriculation Certificate Senior Certificate


  1. Certificate of Secondary Education East Africa
  2. Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education
  3. General Certificate of Education O-level
  4. Zanzibar O-level


  1. Zambian School Certificate


  1. Ugandan Certificate of Education
  2. East African Certificate of Education
  3. Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education
  4. East African Advanced Certificate of Education


  1. General Certificate of Education O-level
  2. Cambridge School Certificate
  3. General Certificate of Education A-level
  4. Cambridge Higher School Certificate

In addition, if you are a foreign national and your previous degree was in the English language, you may apply with an English Proficiency Certificate issued by your home university or college (last institution). I wish you luck as you apply.

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