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Free Volunteering In The Czech Republic Provides Accommodation And Salary

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Free Volunteering In The Czech Republic Provides Accommodation And Salary . In exchange for free labour, volunteers in the Czech Republic get housing, a salary that covers free meals and internal transportation, as well as a letter of support for securing a Czech (Schengen) visa.

Apply now since space is limited Why are you holding out? Get the information below and submit an application for a free volunteer opportunity in the Czech Republic through the ” Grants Around the Globe ” website.

Free Volunteering In The Czech Republic Provides Accommodation And Salary Summary


Czech Republic


Falasky Klobuki.



Volunteering organization in the Czech Republic.

Explanation of volunteering 

Would you want to stay in a quaint village in Moravia and Wallachia for two weeks? Discover the earth’s history of interaction between humans and nature. Join environmentally conscious residents in mowing the lawns. discover the local culture and learn about its traditional crafts and skills?

Meet 20 or more volunteers from the Czech Republic and other European nations who share your passion for helping others. Would you want to enjoy two wonderful weeks full of new friendships, fascinating adventures, and an intriguing blend of local and foreign cultures?

Countries available to apply

Most countries in the world are available to apply for this volunteering! See the official announcement below.

Duration of volunteering 

Two weeks.

Training while volunteering

The rest of the programme won’t be extremely physically taxing because working and commuting can be difficult. We’ll relax and concentrate on having fun as a group. Sharing, engaging in enjoyable conversations, learning from and about one another, participating in activities that teach us about many cultures, and exploring our beliefs and identities Moreover, we’d appreciate it if you organised a quick activity or workshop for the rest of us.

Educational level

  • High school.
  • Bachelor’s degree .
  • Masters .
  • Ph.D. _

 Available to all academic levels, including students, graduates, and diplomas as well.


  • You do not need a language certificate when applying.
  • There is no fee when submitting an application.


Czech free volunteering includes:

  1. monthly salary.
  2. Domestic transportation costs.
  3. Free accommodation.
  4. health insurance.
  5. No need to speak Czech.
  6. Letter of obtaining a Schengen visa.

Required Documents

  • CV
  • Fill out the application form.

Application deadline

June 18, 2023.


How to apply for the Czech Free Volunteer?

1- Apply now directly from here. 

2- Register for free, attach your CV, and then send the application.

Apply now (yourself)

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