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Volunteering Visa In Austria And Providing Travel Tickets | Registration Is Free

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Volunteering Visa In Austria And Providing Travel Tickets | Registration Is Free is fully funded, including a monthly salary, accommodation, free meals, and a letter of assistance to obtain an Austrian visa.

Only and exclusively on grants around the world, what are you waiting for? Find out the details below and get a volunteer visa in Austria.


Volunteering Visa In Austria And Providing Travel Tickets Summary




Vienna: Vienna


Austrian Voluntary Foundation.

Explanation of volunteering

We are a Vienna-based kindergarten. Many organisations in the cultural and social sectors are housed in Amerlinghaus. Parents coordinate and oversee the Kindergruppe. Up to 13 kids between the ages of three and six reside there. The instructional material adheres to Rebecca Wilde’s and Maria Montessori’s teaching methods. Children should discover room for their own growth while also receiving assistance for their social, physical, cognitive, creative, and emotional intelligence through our activities. You will help staff members with their regular tasks as a volunteer. You get the chance to hone your language abilities and learn vital information about dealing with kids. By helping the kindergarten teachers with their work, especially when the group is out for lunch or visiting parks, museums, etc., you will be assisting them. Also, we want to inspire you to tell us about your cultural heritage.

Countries available to apply

Most countries are eligible to apply, see the official announcement below.


Duration of volunteering

10 months: from October 2023 to July 2024

Training while volunteering

On-arrival training and midterm meetings provided by the Austrian National Agency. Support and training related to the tasks provided by the host organization. Welcome days, Youthpass workshop, recreational term programme, etc. provided by the coordinating organization Grenzenlos.

Educational level

  • High school.
  • Bachelor’s degree .
  • Masters .
  • Ph.D. _

 Available to all academic levels, including students, graduates, and diplomas as well.


  • You do not need a language certificate when applying.
  • There is no fee when submitting an application.


Volunteering in Austria includes:

  1. Assistance with visa fees for the State of Austria.
  2. Providing travel tickets to Austria.
  3. Free accommodation.
  4. Free meals.
  5. Monthly salary in euros.
  6. Free language courses.

Required Documents

  1. Application form
  2. CV
  3. Letter of Intent

How to apply?

1- The above-mentioned 3 files must be prepared.

2- The files are sent via the following e-mail:

Eligibility Criteria

As a volunteer, you must be interested and willing to work with children. No more skills or experience required!

Application deadline

June 18, 2023.


Apply now (yourself)

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