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Malta Allows Countries To Travel And Enter Through An Electronic Visa

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Malta Allows Countries To Travel And Enter Through An Electronic Visa, which is a wonderful opportunity that allows entry to Malta in Europe according to government standards. We provide you with full details and a link to apply.

The opportunity to travel and enter Malta is our exclusive opportunity. Therefore, apply now by yourself or through our specialized team.




Government of Malta – Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Explanation of how to enter and travel to Malta

Holders of nomad residency permits can continue working in their existing position in another nation while living lawfully in Malta. Everyone who can use communication technology to operate remotely and independently of a certain place is eligible for permission.

Digital nomads from the European Union are already hosted and welcomed in Malta. The ambiance, way of life, business networking possibilities, and cultural experiences of the Maltese islands are advantageous to this group of entrepreneurial expats. Individuals from third countries who typically (but not always) need a visa to go to Malta are eligible for the Nomad residency permit.

As long as the applicant still satisfies the specified eligibility requirements, the permit will be issued for a year and may be renewed upon application at the discretion of the Residency in Malta.

There may be travel limitations for COVID-19. Always check the most recent national requirements before submitting an application. The Ministry of Health’s official website has information available.


Malta Allows Countries To Travel And Enter Through An Electronic Visa Benefits

Here are some of the great benefits offered by the Maltese government:

  1. There is no tax. As a digital nomad, you won’t pay taxes for a year.
  2. Bring your family: You can also bring your family on a visa.
  3. English: English is also an official language in Malta.
  4. Tourist Attraction: Malta is located in Europe.

What is the duration of the Malta Digital Visa?

Initially, it is granted for one year and you can renew it.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The applicant must be over 18 years old.
  2. Able to work remotely and independently of the site.
  3. Applicants applying must demonstrate the ability to work remotely using communications such as a mobile phone, laptop or PC.
  4. The applicant must fall into one of the three categories:

Employee: An applicant who works for a company registered with an employer outside Malta and has an employment contract.
Self-Employed: Carrying out a commercial activity for a company registered in a foreign country in which the applicant is a partner/shareholder.
Freelancer: The applicant must prove that he is a freelancer and has earned through freelancing such as online services.


How to travel to Malta with an electronic visa?

1- Head to the Maltese government website  from here.

2- Prepare the files below and apply for travel online.

3- Book airline tickets and travel to Malta.

Apply now (yourself)

The official announcement

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