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European Atlantic University Collaboration Undergraduate Scholarships in Spain

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The European Atlantic University, situated in the vibrant and culturally rich country of Spain, takes immense pride in offering a remarkable opportunity for aspiring students. The institution has introduced the European Atlantic University Collaboration Undergraduate Scholarships, specifically designed for those embarking on the path of Computer Engineering. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the essence of this program, its benefits, eligibility criteria, and the exciting journey it promises to provide.

The European University of the Atlantic offers 20 Collaboration Scholarships to new students of the Undergraduate in Computer Engineering.

The aim is to give students the opportunity to collaborate in real projects.


Exploring the Terrain: Areas of Study

Within the ambit of the Computer Engineering program, students at the European Atlantic University delve into a wide array of subjects, including:

  1. Computer architecture and organization
  2. Digital logic and circuit design
  3. Software engineering
  4. Computer networks
  5. Operating systems
  6. Data structures and algorithms
  7. Artificial intelligence
  8. Machine learning
  9. Cloud computing
  10. Cybersecurity

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Studying Computer Engineering at the European Atlantic University offers numerous advantages that set it apart from the rest:

  1. ECI Accreditation: The program’s accreditation by the Engineering Council of Ireland is a testament to its quality and excellence.
  2. Expert Faculty: The program is delivered by experienced and qualified faculty members who are experts in their respective fields.
  3. Specialisation Options: Students have the flexibility to choose from a range of electives, enabling them to specialise in areas of personal interest.
  4. Industry Connections: Strong industry partnerships provide students with invaluable networking opportunities and hands-on experiences.
  5. High Employability: Graduates are highly sought-after by tech industry employers due to their comprehensive skill set and practical exposure.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Having previously submitted the pre-registration form, exceptionally, to apply for these scholarships, it will not be required to pay for a place, so, students must finish the pre-registration process and pay for the fees.
  • Attending several personal interviews that will be conducted by the Scholarship Committee of the University.
  • Having met the access requirements of the European University of the Atlantic, for the student is in one of the following situations: the student is in possession of a Baccalaureate diploma or an Advanced Level Specific Vocational Training diploma; the student has passed the University Entrance exams, or rather is in possession of a previous university degree and/or other university studies belonging to foreign educational systems, or, lastly, the student may have met the access requirements established in the legislation in force.

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How To Apply

The candidate must submit the following documentation:

  • Scholarship Application Form: It can be obtained in person at the Students’ service and Scholarships of the European University of the Atlantic or via our webpage
  • Photocopy of the Identity Card or of a valid passport.
  • Personal academic record of the studies that give access to the degree. The academic record must specify the average obtained grade, otherwise, it must specify the obtained grades in each subject.
  • Pre-registration application

This documentation needs to be submitted regardless of the one that has been previously submitted or is to be submitted in order to complete the Pre-registration or the Enrolment process in the corresponding study.

All documentation must be submitted to:

European University of the Atlantic > Scholarship Service
Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Cantabria
C/Isabel Torres 21, 39011 Santander
Or to


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