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CCSE Graduate Scholarship [(ISC)² Graduate Scholarship]

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Offered by Centre for Cyber Safety and Education [CCSE], CCSE Graduate Scholarship is specifically for students planning to study a master’s degree or PhD in Cybersecurity of Information Assurance. Availing this scholarship, graduate students can pursue their postgraduate degree in any of these subjects at top study destinations like USA, Canada, Singapore, amongst others. It is also referred to as (ISC)² Graduate Scholarship and selects candidate as per their financial need, merit or passion towards these fields. Read this blog to know all about CCSE Graduate Scholarships aka (ISC)² Graduate Scholarship.



  • Scholarship Location: USA, Canada, Singapore, amongst others
  • Level of Education: Postgraduate
  • Deadline: Open

CCSE Graduate Scholarship Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for the CCSE Graduate Scholarship, the candidate has to qualify the eligibility criteria. They are mentioned below for your reference –

  • A degree with an emphasis on cybersecurity or information assurance must be sought or expected.
  • Candidates should be pursuing a Master’s Degree or doctoral studies programme.
  • The GPA on the 4.0 scale must be at least 35 (or an analogous rank based on a comparable scale).
  • Candidates may participate on campus or online, full time or part-time, and in the United States or internationally.
  • There is now no requirement to be licensed, but no prizes can be paid until the winner is enrolled in a college or university.
  • Members of ((ISC)² and scholarship donors will rate applicants (if applicable). Three categories will be dependent on scoring for CCSE Graduate Scholarship. They are mentioned below for your reference.
    • Passion
    • Merit
    • Financial Need

Selection Criteria for the CCSE Graduate Scholarship

Every scholarship has a selection criteria. The CCSE Graduate Scholarship selection criteria involves the following.

  • The passion of the student: It is analyzed on the basis of essays and the letter of recommendation submitted by the student.
  • The merit of the student: It is a merit based scholarship. Hence, the academic qualification of the student will be accessed.
  • The financial need of the student:  The financial condition of the student is considered before granting the scholarship.

Application Procedure

To qualify for the scholarship, a CCSE registration is not required. Those who are  chosen or selected would be invited to join and serve in a CCSE Committee and/or contribute to a professional editor’s paper.

Decisions regarding the (ISC)² Graduate Scholarship will be focused on the CCSE Leadership Committee’s examination of each nominee. Applicants who answer their questions fully and simply would be ranked higher than those who do not. The nominee would focus favourably on the consistency of proposals and perceived excitement. Applicants with clear objectives about how their career development will be impacted by attending the CCSE annual gathering will be scored better than those with abstract ideas.

The application procedure for candidates applying for the CCSE Graduate Scholarships has several steps. The candidate is required to answer a few questions. To give you a brief idea about the kind of questions which are asked in the application form for CCSE Graduate Scholarship, we have enlisted a few questions below.

Essay Questions for (ISC)² Graduate Scholarship

To apply for the CCSE graduate scholarship successfully and to make sure that you qualify, you have to be careful and particular about the details you fill in. They are listed below.

  • Tell us why you should be selected and what makes you stand out from your peers to earn this (ISC)2 Cybersecurity Scholarship?
  • Describe why the scholarship is important for you.
  • Identify your professional and school histories.
  • Describe why for your academic career, you choose your major and your ambitions. What makes you a prospect for information security success, and what are your technical career objectives?
  • Describe your cybersecurity achievements, such as voluntary service, posts, etc., and any other interests or extracurricular activities and what they mean to you. Please tell us something else you want us to hear about you.

The following was outlined in one letter of recommendation:

  1. How long and in what way have you met the applicant?
  2. What are the applicant’s talents or strengths that will assist him/her in completing a degree?
  3. What other details should be taken into account about the applicant?

Scholarly sources are preferable. It is possible for you to send a competent reference letter discussing the questions above. The Resume/CV should not be more than 3 pages. Unofficial transcripts from the present educational institution (or the most recent one). No funds can be disbursed before official transcripts have been collected if awarded;

Amount of CCSE Graduate Scholarship

The CCSE graduate scholarship is an extremely prestigious scholarship. Three beneficiaries will receive free registration and travel compensation of $2,000 (INR 1,46,184), on an average in a year.

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