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Singapore Government Scholarships 2024

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Singapore Government Scholarships 2024 are prestigious awards given to deserving students, frequently covering all tuition costs and requiring a service bond after graduation in the Singapore public sector.

Applications for the Singapore Government Scholarships are now open. The deadline for the Singapore government’s International Student Scholarships is December 1, 2023. Students can pursue a master’s degree, a master’s degree that leads to a Ph.D., or a straight Ph.D. after finishing a four-year bachelor’s programme.

Singapore has one of the greatest educational systems in the world. You will get the opportunity to study at one of Singapore’s top colleges. The scholarships are funded by the Government of Singapore, so candidates don’t have to worry about paying for their education. The world-class educational system in Singapore is more affordable than that in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.


About the Singapore Government

The Westminster system of unicameral parliamentary administration is employed in the unitary parliamentary republic of Singapore. Singapore’s political scene has been dominated by the People’s Action Party (PAP), which has been in power since the nation gained its independence in 1965. According to GDP per capita, Singapore’s growth and transformation from a trade town with few natural resources to one of the most prosperous nations in the world have been facilitated by this consistent leadership.

The Prime Minister is Singapore’s head of government, while the President serves in a mostly ceremonial capacity as the country’s head of state. The government has executive power, the legislature has legislative power, and the judiciary is distinct from the other two bodies of government.


Application Summary

  • Host Country: Singapore
  • Degree level: Masters, Masters Leading to PhD
  • Award: Fully Funded
  • Deadline1st December 2023

Number of Scholarships

In Singapore, there are 240 scholarships available for the 2023 academic year.


Singapore Government Scholarships 2024 Benefits

  • Waiver of all tuition costs.
  • Stipend of S$2,000 per month, rising to S$2,500 following the passage of the qualifying exam.
  • Up to S$1,500* in one-time airfare grants and S$1,000* in one-time relocation aid


Eligibility Criteria

  • All overseas graduates who are passionate about research and have achieved high academic standards are eligible for the SINGA Scholarship.
  • Excellent written and verbal English proficiency.
  • positive evaluations from academic referees.
  • Results for IELTS, TOFEL, GRE, SAT I and II, and GATE.


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Required Documents

  • A current passport-sized photograph in.jpeg format
  • You must provide English translations of all transcripts.
  • Academic Transcripts for a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree: If you have a degree certificate or scroll, you must submit it together with a certification letter from the university.
  • Recommendation Letters: The referees must complete and submit two recommendation letters electronically.


The Singapore government Scholarships For International Students have a deadline of December 1, 2023.


How To Apply

  1. The Government of Singapore scholarship application process is entirely online.
  2. Candidates who are interested must fill out an online application and include any required supporting documents.
  3. Please visit the Singapore Government Scholarships’ official website to submit an application.

official website

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