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Uppsala University Scholarships 2024 in Sweden

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Uppsala University Scholarships 2024 in Sweden: For international students, Uppsala University has a number of scholarships available. These are given out based on a number of criteria, including academic ability and financial need.

For the Uppsala University Scholarships 2024, applications are being accepted. The Uppsala University scholarship application date is February 1st, 2024. Students from all countries are eligible to apply for fully supported scholarships to study undergraduate and master’s degree programs. 70 programs are available in the BS program, while 70 programs are available in the MA You have a wide range of options here, including engineering, science, humanities, agriculture, biological sciences, and environmental studies. Engineering, information technology, medicine, social science, and the humanities are more options.

Uppsala University offered this interdisciplinary course prize to overseas students. Any student who wants to enroll at one of the various universities in Sweden can apply for this grant. This scholarship will cover all of their costs associated with their studies. Never let this chance to receive a scholarship slip your mind.

About Uppsala University

Uppsala University was established in 1477. Sweden is where you can find it. Third among universities in Sweden and rated 111th overall, Uppsala University The Swedish government gives scholarships each year for a range of programs. Either English or another language will be used to deliver the speech, according to your course load. The BS degree program lasts around two years, whereas the Master’s degree program lasts about a year. This university offers a recognized learning atmosphere to its students. It also has established or well-equipped labs that aid in student learning.

Uppsala University Scholarship Details

  • Scholarship Country: Sweden
  • Host University: Uppsala University
  • Course Level: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees
  • Scholarship Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Who is Eligible? International Students
  • Deadline Date: 1st February 2024

New Students

You are undoubtedly excited to begin your studies if you have been admitted to Uppsala University. You have selected a college that excels in both teaching and research. You have the chance to shape your own future when you work with us. You will enjoy a terrific student life along the way!

The most crucial step is to activate your student account and sign up for the courses and programs you intend to enroll in, so do that first. You risk losing your study spot if you don’t.

Admission and Registration

If you have been admitted to Uppsala University, you are definitely excited to start your studies. As a new student, you must first activate your student account. You can do this a few days after receiving your second acceptance letter. Registration for the courses and programs you plan to enroll in is the next step. If not, you run the danger of losing your study seat.

  • Admitted with conditions: If you are admitted with conditions, you must show that you meet the prerequisites before you can register.
  • Reserve: If you are placed on reserve, you must first be offered a place before you can register.
  • Withdrawal: If you have accepted your place but are no longer interested in it, it is important that you withdraw your offer. If you want to withdraw your offer but have not yet registered, you must do so at If you have already registered, you should instead contact the institution that offers the course.
  • Deferral: If you have been accepted but will not be able to start, you can apply for a deferment of the start of your studies. This means that you apply to postpone the start of your studies and start your education in another semester.
  • Late registration: You who have made a late registration must wait for your notification of admission before you can go ahead and create a student account and register.

Activate Your Student Account

You require a student account if you are a student at Uppsala University. You may access the student entrance, the university’s fixed and wireless network, the printing system, as well as a number of other resources that you’ll require for your studies through your student account.

If you are a new student, you must first activate your student account. You have a few days after getting the last admissions announcement to complete it. By checking in with an active student account, you may access all of the university’s services, including the learning management system Studium and the study register Ladok.

If You Have a Swedish Social Security Number

If you have a Swedish social security number, you may activate your student account using one of three methods: BankID,, or eduID. If that doesn’t work, you can activate your account using a one-time code.

  •  BankID: BankID is the easiest way to activate an account. It can be used both for account activation and for managing existing accounts.
  • When you registered for an education for the first time, you created a user account on When you have received your final admission notice, you can activate your student account at Uppsala University via
  • eduID: At, you can create your account by entering your social security number and then confirm it using one of the various methods available. As soon as you have a confirmed eduID, you can use it to activate your student account.

Support and Service

Numerous support and service groups are available to you at the institution anytime you need them. It might be for aid with student health, technological support, language support when preparing an essay, or advise on studies and professions. If you have a medical problem, there is also particular educational help available.

Study Career Guidance

A department’s advisor, who is knowledgeable about that department’s subjects and programs, or Uppsala University’s university-wide study and career assistance are also good sources of general counsel.

Whatever concerns you may have, the guidance counselor is a qualified speaker whose job it is to assist you further. For instance, you might choose to talk about your options for future education or your employment options. You can think that you made the wrong decision and want to change the direction of your academic work. The guidance counselor can then serve as a useful sounding board to help you get back on track.

Your personal information is secret to the guidance counselor, who has a duty to do so.

Student Health

Any worries you may have about living as a student can be addressed by student health. It may be about stress, sleeplessness, a lack of confidence, performance anxiety, a speech impediment, drinking, or other things that might make life as a student difficult. We provide lectures, groups, and one-on-one discussion assistance to promote your well-being and a good study routine.

Whether you are a full-time or part-time student at Uppsala University, SLU in Uppsala, or Johannelund School of Theology, you are welcome to stop by student health.

Lectures and Groups

Do you struggle with giving presentations? Do you feel stressed out? Or do you procrastinate? Do you intend to begin your training? Welcome to our classrooms and student organizations! We provide brevity in our lectures, continuous chances for student groups, and drop-in activities!

Our Wednesday lectures

  • Language and reading resources as a student (September 20)
  • Manage stress and create sustainable routines
    (September 27)
  • Performance anxiety (October 4)
  • Stress and Sustainable Student Life (October 11)
  • Exam anxiety (October 18)
  • Sleep at night, study during the day (October 25)
  • Coping With Depression (November 15)
  • Recovery (November 22)
  • Dealing with thoughts and feelings (November 29)
  • Dare to Speak (December 6)
  • Complete your essay (December 13)

Student Groups

Some of our student groups have drop-in and you can participate as often as you want, while others require advance registration.

Language and Reading Resources

The institution provides you as a graduate or undergraduate student with many kinds of linguistic support. All students have access to some services, while others—like those you require if you have a persistent disability—require an application before you can use them.

The help listed below is provided to all Uppsala University students. You must log in to use some services.

Housing and Finances

How do you find a home? Check out our housing tips. Are you thinking about how to finance your studies? Among other things, you can apply for a loan, student aid, or housing allowance. You can also apply for scholarships.

Your Finances

  • The student card is a benefit card that you can apply for. The card gives you as a student a discount on various brands and services.
  • To save money, you can buy books second-hand. You can also take the opportunity to borrow course literature or use reading areas in the libraries.
  • Become active in the student union and your country by volunteering or serving as a student ambassador.
  • You might be eligible for a housing allowance as a student.
  • It is possible to borrow money through the Uppsala student union. Many nations also offer different types of loans.

Tuition Fees

If you are a citizen of the EU, an EEA nation, or Switzerland, you are eligible for a free university and college education. You must pay registration and study costs if you are a citizen of a nation other than those listed.

Award Benefits

  • Full Tuition Fee.
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Airfare Tickets.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • Free lab experiments
  • Textbooks
  • Internship

Offered Study Programs

  • Aeronautics
  • Electronics & Information
  • Automation
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Astronautics
  • Chemistry and Materials Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Computer Science & Technology
  • Architecture
  • Management
  • Marine Science & Technology
  • Materials Science & Engineering
  • Life Sciences
  • Nuclear Science and Technology
  • Management
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Information Science & Technology
  • Chemistry and Materials Science
  • Life Sciences
  • Social Science
  • Humanities
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Foreign Languages
  • Biology
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Science & Technology
  • Environmental Science
  • Engineering
  • Bionomics
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Information & Communication Engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Philosophy
  • Law

Eligibility Requirements

  • All International Students can apply for this Scholarship.
  • The candidate must be international.
  • A photo with a white background is required.
  • For the BS degree program, the age of the candidate must be less than 21 years
  • For Master Degree Programs the age of the candidate will be less than 30 years old
  • A good Academic Record is required.
  • Experience in Research for Master programs required.
  • English courses must be required.
  • No criminal record will be there.

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Required Documents

  • Photocopy of Passport for International Students required.
  • Short Resume or CV. 
  • Statement of purpose required.
  • Research Proposal for Master’s and PhD programs is also required.
  • Two Recommendation Letters.
  • English Proficiency Certificate from the last institute.
  • Chinese language or English language course is required.
  • Acceptance Letter is also required.
  • A valid passport is required.

Application Deadline

The deadline to apply for Uppsala University Scholarships is 1st February 2024.

How To Apply?

  • The official website is the best place to start if you want to learn more about Joint Uppsala University Scholarships.
  • You may find comprehensive information about the courses and programs that are offered, the prerequisites and admissions procedures, campus facilities, student life, and much more there.
  • Find out more about the institution’s staff, academics, research projects, and community involvement programs. Additionally, the website offers access to student handbooks and academic calendars for users.
  • Visit the university’s official website to learn more about it, whether you’re a prospective or present student or are just curious.
  •  Click Here to visit the website.

Official website

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