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Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarships 2024 in Turkey

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Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarships 2024 in Turkey. Depending on a student’s academic record, extracurricular activities, financial need, and other considerations, EMU offers a variety of scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students.

The Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarships 2024 are now accepting applications. The Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarships have a January 2, 2024, deadline for applications. Start your educational career in the fascinating country of Turkey! We are thrilled to announce that the Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarship Program is now accepting applications. In this piece, we’ll go over every detail of this scholarship opportunity, including its advantages. Additionally, we’ll carefully guide you through the application procedure.

The Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarship for the academic year 2024-2025 is a fantastic opportunity for overseas academics. It’s not just a scholarship; it’s a reward that’s completely funded to help you achieve your master’s and doctoral aspirations. For PhD candidates, the program provides 100% and 50% scholarships, as well as a significant 50% award for master’s students. Don’t pass up the chance to achieve academic success while studying in Turkey!

About Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University offers students a top-notch educational opportunity through a broad selection of outstanding academic programs. With a total of 108 undergraduate and school programs, 96 postgraduate and doctorate degree programs, spread among 12 faculties, 5 schools, and the Foreign Languages and English Preparation School, the institution offers a diverse and comprehensive educational environment.

At this university, international students may broaden their horizons while still pursuing academic success. They may learn more about languages by learning a second language, taking part in advantageous exchange student programs, and being immersed in a vibrant social and sports culture. The institution is dedicated to making sure that its international students are prepared for successful worldwide careers and are ready to flourish in the global professional environment.

Application Summary

  • Host Country: Turkey
  • Host University: Eastern Mediterranean University
  • Degree Level: Masters | PHD
  • Financial Assistance: Funded

Tuition Fees

The tuition charge table is a list of the several types of fees that students may be required to pay. The cost of each course is multiplied by the number of classes (and/or thesis studies) you intend to enroll in, and the sum is then increased by the amount of student services funds.

Available Programs

The master’s and doctoral programs at EMU are well-structured, adhere to the most recent trends in European higher education as defined by the European University Association, and meet the standards of the Y.O.D.A.K. (Higher Education, Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council of T.R. North Cyprus) and Y.K. (Higher Education Council of Turkey).

The student is guided through each stage of the course by an effective system of academic monitoring. The student has the opportunity to form deep bonds with his or her thesis supervisors while being directed toward original ideas and research subjects. Students are invited to sign up for classes that will help them develop their graduate research and oral and writing communication skills.

There are a variety of professional degrees offered through master’s programs, including the Master of Science (M.S. ), Master of Arts (M.A. ), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).

Master’s Programs with Thesis

A master’s program that requires a thesis ensures that a student has access to the content and can study, comprehend, and evaluate it using scientific research methods. The student must also successfully complete a non-credit seminar course that teaches them how to develop both written and verbal scientific presentations. In no more than four semesters, all program courses and seminar courses must be satisfactorily completed. The student must do research under the supervision of a faculty member and write and orally defend a master’s thesis.

Non-Thesis Master’s Programs

The goal of non-thesis master’s programs is to provide students with the intellectual groundwork they need to develop in their careers. In order to graduate from the MBA program, you must complete a term project and 10 courses. The second structure is utilized at EMU.

Ph.D. Programs

In order to graduate from a doctoral program, a master’s degree holder must complete at least seven 3-credit courses, a non-credit seminar course, the Ph.D. qualification exam, the preparation and defense of a Ph.D. thesis proposal that should contribute to the field of study, research on the proposal, the writing of a dissertation, and an oral defense of the work. For certain programs, more than seven courses could be required. Once all doctorate courses and seminars have been successfully completed, which can only occur after four semesters, the PhD Qualification Exam must be taken. Each student must sign up for the thesis project in the third semester or later of each following semester. The thesis monitoring committee evaluates the student’s development each semester after the qualifying test. in the research field.

Duration of the Programs

The normal period of study for a Master’s degree program including thesis work is two to four semesters for both full-time and part-time students. The maximum amount of time that may be spent completing the prescribed graduate program does not include semesters taken only to make up for deficiencies or for English Support (ENGL509/511/513/515).

For both full-time and part-time students, the typical length of study in a Master’s program without thesis writing is two to three semesters. Extension semesters are not available for master’s programs without a thesis. The maximum time allowed to finish the specified graduate program does not include those semesters registered just for deficiencies and English Support courses (ENGL509/511/513/515).

For full- or part-time students, the typical length of study in a Ph.D. program is ten semesters. The maximum time allowed to finish the specified graduate program does not include those semesters registered just for deficiencies and English Support courses (ENGL509/511/513/515).

Campus Life

Besides the courses, the campus provides a rich social environment for the enjoyment of extra-curricular student life. Eastern Mediterranean University works hard to provide a socially rich atmosphere for its students with the intention of supporting the extracurricular life of the students as well. Students take part in a variety of activities and benefit from the social and cultural opportunities offered by the university and the community.

Numerous cafes, restaurants, and shops located in Famagusta city center are highly popular among students. The most beautiful coastline of the island is also in the Famagusta region. Eastern Mediterranean University Campus is 3 km away from the city center. Therefore, the city center is within walking distance.


At scientific and cultural gatherings, performances, and concerts, eminent scientists and well-known artists take part, fostering campus life as well as our students’ social growth in line with their interests. Additionally, the events planned for both the university and the Turkish Cypriot community liven up the students’ social lives.

Advanced Infrastructure

In addition to 51 cafeterias, students have access to a library, a post office, a book store, a health facility with 13 specialist physicians, sports facilities, and a Student Activity facility. The on-campus table d’hote cafeteria serves reasonably priced, high-quality food that is always prepared with the student’s daily caloric needs in mind. Additionally, there are several banks and ATMs available to EMU students. Turkish banks Türkiye ş Bank, HSBC, T.C. Ziraat Bank, Oyak Bank, eker Bank (Turkey), and Garanti Bank all have ATMs on campus.

Social and Cultural Activities

Eastern Mediterranean University organizes a range of social activities for its students as well as the community with the help of the Student Council. The sociable and Cultural Activities Unit aims to foster in our pupils an active, imaginative, sociable, and self-assured personality while also providing them with the chance to make the most of their leisure time.

Spring Festival

  • All EMU students find the month of May to be quite interesting because shortly before the spring semester ends, the Student Activity Center, Student Council, Social and Cultural Affairs, and Student Clubs arrange the Spring Fest, which is always a lot of fun.
  • Student clubs have the chance to present the projects and events they have been working on during the academic year. One of the most well-liked activities held throughout the festival is a performance. Visitors are drawn to student or local vendors that offer distinctive goods.
  • The Spring Festival also has musical ensembles, singers, academics, foreign journalists, and many other cultural and social events so that the students can have amazing experiences and have the chance to interact with a variety of people.

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Academic Field of Study

  • Arts & Sciences
  • Dentistry
  • Health Sciences
  • Law
  • Business & Economics
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • Education
  • Architecture
  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Pharmacy
  • Tourism

Scholarship Value

The Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarships provide major 50% scholarships for Master’s degrees in addition to full 100% scholarships and partial 50% scholarships for Ph.D. programs.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Language Competence: English proficiency is necessary.
  • Countries That Can Apply: Applicants are welcome from every nation on earth.
  • Scholarships for Ph.D. programs: Each Ph.D. program may give out one 100% or two 50% tuition fee scholarships.
  • Both new international students and Turkish citizens may apply for these scholarships separately.
  • Candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree at the minimum, along with a CGPA of 3.00 or its equivalent.
  • Scholarships for Master’s Programs: One 100% and two 50% scholarships may be awarded for each master’s program.
  • Turkish nationals who are enrolling in the program for the first time are the sole recipients of these scholarships.
  • The minimum required CGPA for a bachelor’s degree, or its equivalent, is 3.00 out of 4.00.
  • Additional Scholarships: For new overseas students enrolling in master’s programs, a sizable number of 50% tuition fee scholarships are further offered.
  • English Language Requirement: Proof of English language competency is required for all Ph.D. programs (both in English and Turkish) and for master’s programs offered in English.
  • Students’ English language competency will be evaluated by an EMU exam if they do not already have a valid English language qualification that satisfies EMU requirements.

Documents Required

  • A photocopy of your passport or I.D. card.
  • A passport-sized (approx. 6 cm x 5 cm) photograph.
  • Program-specific documents: Architecture (Ph.D. & Master): Portfolio.
  • Proposal (for PhD program applications)
  • Transfer Applications

English Language Requirement

  • you will be exempt from the English Language Support Program and begin your postgraduate study directly;
  • you will study English courses together with graduate program courses;
  • you will study intensive English courses first (with no graduate program courses) before you start your graduate program.

Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarships 2024 in Turkey Application Deadline

The Last Date To Apply for the Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarships is January 02, 2024.

How To Apply?

Whether you are a prospective student, a current student, or just want to learn more about the university, you should check out their official website. Click here to access the webpage.

Apply now

Official website

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